Reduce IAQ liability
Increase productivity
Improve occupant health


Multiple government and private studies have shown that improvements in productivity from 5% – 10%, can be expected by improving a worker’s indoor environment. In most non-manufacturing job sectors, the cost of workers’ salaries and benefits is up to 100 times more than energy costs.* These benefits can be enhanced by dynamic intake control through HVAC instrumentation and ventilation control. EBTRON®’s CENsus occupancy counter paired with EBTRON®’s air flow measuring stations provide verification that spaces are receiving ventilation air at rates set to promote productivity.

*Source: Indoor Climate and Productivity in Offices (Pawel Wargocki, Olli Seppanen, Rehva, 2007)


Satisfaction with indoor air quality, temperature control, and human health are key objectives for any heating ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) system.  These objectives can be improved without increasing total ventilation rates or associated energy by modulating ventilation air in occupied spaces based on the number of people.  Consequently, reliable and energy-efficient means of measuring and controlling building ventilation rates is needed.  EBTRON’s® air flow measurement technologies paired with control strategies optimize ventilation air.

Some conditions in the school environment are closely associated with the incidence of sick building syndrome and asthma symptoms.  Asthma-related illness is one of the leading causes of school absenteeism, accounting for over 10 million missed school days per year.  In addition, persons with asthma or other sensitivities may have reduced performance in the presence of environmental factors that trigger their asthma.

Regular monitoring by EBTRON®’s air flow measuring stations and continuous control of outdoor air intake flow rates is recommended to ensure that the amount of ventilation actually delivered is consistent with the design and operational intent.  Reliance on a building’s operation to remain unchanged with time and modifications after the building is occupied leads to many buildings not performing at their peak or with the intent of the design engineer without proper instrumentation.

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