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Chemical industries used twenty-nine percent of the total energy consumed by US manufacturing in 2002 as indicated by the US Energy Information Administration. The manufacturing process often does not have room to conserve energy, but let EBTRON help to provide energy saving strategies without compromising worker safety or comfort.


Manufacturing/production processes are housed in structures with sophisticated mechanical systems, designed to operate in support of the specific environmental requirements of the process, including cleanliness. They include many types of operations and industries. An example of one such facility is an assembly of multiple buildings with different types of labs, which incorporates more than 350 EBTRON air flow measuring stations in continuous service since commissioning in 2003. It also includes any process where clean intake/combustion air needs to be monitored or metered. The majority of these applications tend to fall within the general description. There are many more applications.


A number of semi-industrial applications seek greater precision in drying foods and agricultural materials: some for packaging and processing, and others for testing or certification. Many processes allow measurement on the intake side of the process which allows the use of higher precision EBTRON instruments. The greatest number of EBTRON products in one of these applications are those used on air handlers that dry vegetative material so it can be efficiently cut and handled for packaging.


Dilution of fumes near areas where chemicals are processed is a modern method of reducing potential harm to employees. Metering ambient intake or combustion air for processes is also possible. Variable fan speed or damper positions can be controlled based on airflow measurement feedback. Typical air control schemes for ventilation and pressurization will also be required. The type of process and the process environment would determine the specifics involved. EBTRON (EB-Flow) Bi-directional Airflow and Temperature Measurement sensors can monitor negatively pressurized areas and help prevent odors from spreading.

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