Maintain pressure relationships
Ensure proper air changes
Save energy

Large industrial laboratories across the spectrum to small high school labs require precise air flow control to maintain pressurization and control of chemicals. EBTRON thermal dispersion technology for air flow measurement is ideally suited for ventilation air control in laboratories due to its high accuracy and repeatability that does not require yearly calibration and nearly zero drift.


Teaching laboratories in schools and colleges should be ventilated according to ASHRAE Standard 62.1, with limited source control (local exhaust) recommended for many. Research labs within some colleges and universities are in another category. Research being conducted may require the handling of much more toxic chemicals and hazardous materials, thereby justifying the need for larger and more sophisticated ventilation systems and pressurization controls. EBTRON has demonstrated expertise in both of these types of labs that require special attention to ventilation rates, exhaust rates and pressurization requirements. The proper balance between these flows will ensure occupant safety and comfort. Control with greater precision provides additional operating savings for the school.


Research labs range from simple pharmaceutical chemical testing to Bio-Safety Level 1 or 2 requirements, based on the nature of the hazardous materials being used. Worker safety in all laboratory situations is a top priority, in part, by system dependability and control instrument repeatability; not simply by speed of response alone. Almost instantaneous response is required to protect occupants from uncontrolled toxic chemical gases entering the lab due to fume hood sash position changes or spills outside the hood. By utilizing EBTRON (EB-Flow) Bi-directional Airflow and Temperature Measurement sensor paired with EBTRON’s airflow measuring devices provide better than industry standard accuracy to maintain pressurization, the lab facility will not only have the control but the verification of a safe work environment.


Large compounding and pharmaceutical production labs require similar ventilation design imperatives, but on a different scale and with different objectives. In compounding and pharmaceutical production labs, the objective is to maintain a sterile environment and isolate the activities inside the lab from everything external to itself. Isolation areas may be subdivided between rooms in a building or between buildings on the same property. Isolation is generally maintained by controlling pressurization flow between the spaces (positive/outward or negative/inward flow). EBTRON products’ high accuracy and repeatability is incredibly useful in stably maintaining these flow relationships and optimizing energy usage.
Compounding labs mix or prepare small quantities of specialized drugs, typically for local consumption. They may also be a designated space in a large hospital or medical office building. Production labs are generally much larger facilities and can be focused on a single product, and both are subject to FDA quality control requirements and control validation.

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