Test and Balance

EBTRON’s airflow measuring solutions enhance the initial HVAC air balance, and provide ongoing value to air balance professionals and owners.

When EBTRON is installed – TAB, Commissioners, and Energy Managers benefit.

EBTRON has been manufacturing thermal dispersion airflow measuring systems for over 35 years. The current platform was put into service over 20 years ago with continual improvements and added solutions, features, and benefits. Thermal dispersion, as noted in ASHRAE Fundamentals and Standard 41.2, provides high accuracy starting at lower velocities than other technologies, such as pitot tube traverse or averaging arrays.

Others act like they are equals, only EBTRON provides a Bead-in-Glass hermetically sealed highly chemically resistant individually aged and NIST traceable calibrated thermistor. Every airflow sensing node is individually calibrated and serialized to a NIST traceable reference, at up to 16 points. A UL listed transmitter with industrial grade components mounted on a gold plated PCB. This results in, the HVAC industry leading system, that is up to ±2% of reading accuracy in airflow, and ±0.15 °F [±0.08 °C] temperature, with long term stability.

EBTRON can provide traverse and total measurements in locations that are hard to access or limited in straight duct. When networked, our transmitter will provide airflow and temperature traverse. Our Gold transmitters also enable connection through Bluetooth. Using our free EB-Link app provides instant access to total flow, traverse data, velocity-weighted temperature, and when equipped with our humidity sensor, velocity-weighted enthalpy, relative humidity, and dewpoint.

Continuous measurement of the total and traverse of temperature and airflow, saves energy and time, by maintaining operational efficiency, identifying degradation in performance and need for maintenance, or identifying failures sooner. When equipped with a humidity sensor, airflow energy calculations can be made when multiple airflow measurement solutions are used in multiple airstreams or across heat exchangers or energy recovery devices

EB-Link data at the touch of your finger: A tool for Balancing, Commissioning, Operations and Maintenance.

  • Quickly verify total flow, velocity, temperature, or measurements at every sensing node
  • Obtain relative humidity, enthalpy, or dewpoint when equipped with a RH sensor
  • Monitor conditions during functional performance testing
  • Validate various operating states with real-time measurement
  • Review settings, see alarms, trouble codes, save or share data
  • Facilitate inspection / maintenance task requirements for outdoor air system functional verification

Requirements in energy standards and codes necessitate balance with IAQ standards and codes. Airflow measurement and control are essential to achieving both.

  • VAV and multispeed constant volume systems (supply fan airflow control), require dynamic outdoor air strategies to maintain and validate minimum ventilation requirements
  • Demand Control Ventilation (DCV) is required to maintain no less than ventilation for actual population, plus ventilation for the building area
  • Occupied Standby Control shuts off ventilation to spaces, and impacts both supply fan airflow and outdoor air ventilation requirements
  • Exhaust pressurization requires exhaust rates to be maintained higher than supply rates, obligating tracking of systems
  • Building exfiltration requirements, necessitates total outdoor intake to exceed total exhaust under all dynamic load and reset conditions
  • Return and relief fan control shall maintain building pressurization, by working cooperatively with ventilation
  • Economizers require fault detection and diagnostics (FDD), with limits on pressurization and the relief of excess air
  • Tighter envelope requirements limit air leakage, and place importance on mechanical system airflow control
  • Natural ventilation is now required to integrate with mechanical ventilation to ensure indoor IAQ under all dynamic conditions

CO2 is not an airflow measurement. EBTRON validates real-time ventilation and airflow rates.

A CO2 sensor:

  • Only indicates some level of dilution
  • Is a lagging indicator of ventilation and occupancy
  • Can’t determine where the air is coming from
  • Can’t maintain proper building and space pressurization
  • Can’t directly identify under-ventilation and over-ventilation
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