Reduce energy consumption
Simplify operations and maintenance
Increase building life


More than one third of current global energy consumption is used to maintain indoor environments. Any improvements in control effectiveness have the potential to reduce the overall use of energy. EBTRON® has several ways to reduce energy consumption while verifying the ventilation air to promote IAQ. EBTRON®’s air flow measuring station delivers a control point for the building automation system to regulate the ventilation air and save energy because all additional supply of outside air conditioned uses excess energy. Demand control ventilation (DCV) is a control strategy that provides the ventilation air to a space as required based on the population. EBTRON® CENsus occupancy counter provides not only a notice of occupancy, but a number of people in a space which can be translated to a ventilation requirement. DCV with other control strategies can be enhanced with EBTRON® air flow measuring stations to confirm the expected ventilation air. The expected ventilation air in a system without EBTRON® air flow measuring can vary greatly due to wind effect, stack effect, and equipment tolerances. Fan tracking optimization is another way EBTRON® can assist with energy savings.


EBTRON® factory calibration is effectively permanent, because the components used have no significant source of drift in either sensors or transmitter. Without periodic field calibration requirements, direct maintenance labor will be reduced and operational consistency will be enhanced. Direct measurement is a more stable method of control and reduces wear and stress on other components.

With proper ventilation and pressurization control preventing unwanted infiltration, a number of envelope components will have an extended useful life. Operating cost and Life Cycle Cost will be significantly reduced with control of ventilation air.

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